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TAPS FOR GASES 5.0 with pressure reducer.

More and more in the laboratories, are used gases with a purity up to 5.0. They are involved in several processes, like for example instrumental analysis, gas chromatography, HPLC, SFC, mass spectrometry, and so on; and grant that the purity of the gases involved in these processes with not be damaged by the taps is basic to ensure reliable  results of the tests and a proper working of the instruments.

For this reasons FAR developped a line of tap for purity 5.0 levels with or without pressure reducer. These taps are fully able to guarantee the purity of the gases erogated, and are not subject to any gases diffusion problem.

The tap are ultrasound cleaned inside with PVDF sealing, VITON high density orings, special ultrapure grease omologated for lubrification, internal working with special low rugosity surface treatment, all ultra sound cleaned.

The pressure reducer are all with Hastelloy membrane, and are available with manometer 0-3 Bars or 0-10 Bars. Inlet max pressure 40 Bars.

For all the combination of model taps – purity level – connection models, we produce for our customers following to their detailed inquiry, a drawing with the technical details, and the price.

Here enclosed some samples of the model we produce.