MDS Philosophy

The MDS Philosophy

During the time I personally spent speaking with customers, lab planners, architects, engineers, but especially with the real final  user, the people who work day by the day on the labs, I reached the awareness that something in the laboratory fittings production was missing on the actual market. Fittings are something that are regularly used in the labs, and are the access key to the use of a lab, if the fittings do not work, or are not the proper one, a laboratory can’t be used, or is used not in the proper way, disappointing the waited lab performances of the customers/users. With the target to try to satisfy this needs, I developed this new line following these basilar principles:

A low carbon-footprint product

To obtain this target I optimized the volume of material involved in the production, I made a selection of the most closer and “green” supplier, I optimized the manufacturing processes avoiding all those that create a high CO2 production/edmission, and reduced close to ZERO the use of lubrificants and grease.

A better ergonomy

The handle is been optimized to be the most comfortable and easy to be used, with also a simple and great washability, thanks to the high PP quality used, and to the design that does not show any possible point where the dirty can settle becoming very hard to be cleaned.

A safer product

The products are free of sharping points, easy to be used, with an high chemical resistance, especially concerning the handle, and the EN13792 identification of the media. In addiction I create several “coloured” parts integrated in the fitting, for a better and faster identification of the media, but very important I integrate in the rosetta a label who immediately inform the user about the nature of the media and the possible dangers that it can create. This is something that before was missing in the labs fittings, and it is very important for a safe working condition in the labs. INFORM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PREVENTION.

A more performing product

All the performance aspects of the fittings, like chemical resistance, materials, mechanical devices, sealings, flow rates, adjustements, visuals informations, dimensions, usability and installations, are been improved, bringing the products at an higher level.

A better design

In co-operation with Massimiliano della Monaca, a very famous Italian designer, we drastically changed the design of the fittings, adding to the basilar and necessary technical properties, requirements, and needed performances aspects of the fittings, a very new and more modern/agreeable “design”. This designer is been awarded with a world guinness record for the project of the world lighter chair, and with many award all around the world. ( see: )

A good price level

Of course one of the aspect I considered, is always been also a competitive price.

Easy installation

I tried to optimize for every model the installation, with the aim to give an easier installation and connection step to our customers.

A product reliable in the years

I made a work focused on the capability of the fittings to work for many years without any problem. So, over the use of the higher in quality raw materials available on the market, I made an agreement with the bigger and more reliable in quality producer of headwork in Germany called Fluehs, for all the fittings we produce. The headwork is the core of the fitting, and one the most important component. Of course these line is, as also all our others products, covered by the most important certifications. I like call this line: A 100% MADE IN ITALY PRODUCT, ITALIAN DESIGN WITH A GERMAN HEART.

New solutions

I create new solutions for the lab, new concept of fittings with a complete new and innovative usability, please take a look to the following “INNOVATIONS” pages for a more detailed explanation.

A product 100% made and manufactured by FAR in our manufacturing plant in Italy, using ONLY European and certified raw materials and components.
Something NEW and BETTER for your lab.
Michele Albertone, CEO | Nuova FAR s.r.l.