004 | Technical Gases

MDS - Technical Gases Line

MDS Line | Product Specifications


Codes indicated with numbers:

13xxx.1 mds
supplied with G 3/8” coupling

13xxx.2 mds
supplied with G 1/2” coupling


To require chemical nickel plating add NK to the article’s code
EX. 13001.1NK mds

Technical Informations

The taps for technical gases are supplied with refined adjustment head valve, with sealing in PTFE.

Fixed nozzle in compliance with the DIN12898 regulation.

Handles in compliance with EN13792:2000 regulation and manufactured in acid-resistant PP.

Threads in compliance with ISO228/1 regulation, B tolerance class.

Taps are built following the DIN12918 norm.

The taps for oxygen and hydrogen are equipped with an headwork lubrificated with specific and omologated grease.

Maximum working pressure 20 Bar.

Taps finished with acid-resistant epoxy powder painting.