001 | Water

MDS - Water Line

MDS Line | Product Specifications


Codes indicated with numbers:

11xxx.1 MDS
supplied with G 3/8” coupling

11xxx.2 MDS
supplied with G 1/2” coupling

11xxx.3 MDS
supplied with G 3/4” coupling

  1. To require chemical nickel plating add NK to the article’s code 11001.1NK MDS
  2. To require ceramics water head valve (90° turn) add C to the article’s code  11001.1C MDS
  3. To require ceramics water head valve (180° turn) add C180 to the article’s code 11001.1C180 MDS

Very important
FAR ceramic headwork are manufactured without using any grease or lubrification for the ceramic disks. This grant no pollution in the water, a more environmental friendly product. Lubrification of the ceramic disks is made by the water. When the headwork is in “OPEN” position, there is decompression a of the ceramic disks. This allow to the water flow, to go between them, and make a natural lubrification (with water) of the ceramic disks, and in the same time clean them, and become an affective system of prevention against the legionella.

Technical Informations

Water taps can be supplied with oil bath head valve sealing in EPDM or with ceramics head valve.

Maximum working pressure 10 Bar.

Nozzle with possibility of disassembly in compliance with DIN 12898 regulation.

Handles identification in compliance with EN13792:2000 norm, manufactured in acid – resistant PP.

Threads in compliance with ISO228/1 regulation, B tolerance class.

Taps are built in conformity with the DIN12918 norm.

FAR can furthermore supply the fitting, if required, with an internal chemical nickel-plating with a tickness of 17 microms.

Taps finished with acid-resistant epoxy powder painting.

As an option, FAR water fittings can also be equipped on demande with:

  • Flow-back prevention valve
  • Flow limitator
  • ON-OFF integraded system
  • Metallic handle epoxy painted
  • Quick release insted of the nozzle
  • ST fitting release system
  • Joystick handle wrist or hand or elbow
  • operated (instead or as an option for the lever)